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PARCO "Quarttro" with Tatjana Patitz


ROCHAS "Femme" "Globe"

LANCOME "Rouge Absolut" with Isabella Rossellini


CALVIN KLEIN ESCAPE "Water Ski" "Horse" "Pool" "Sailboat" with Shana Zadrick

NEC with Ryuichi Sakamoto


LEVIíS LOOSE FIT JEANS "Wind" "Earth" "Water" "Movement" "Light" "Shorts" "Wave" "Parachute" "Fire" "Premiere" "Sunny Beach" "Collage" "Co-op Land" "Co-op All Star"

LEVIíS LOOSE FIT JEANS "Flag" "Stone Wheel" "Red Stripes" "Poles" "Pyramids" "Climbers" "Fort Window" "Big Ball" "Nadegeís Shorts" "Winter Shorts" "Loose Fit Ninety"

LEVIíS DOCKERS "Grey" "Green" "Tan" "Brown" "Blue" "Black" "Green Shorts" "Tan Shorts" "Blue Shorts"

GUESS PERFUME "Cafť - Women" "Cafe - Menís" with Claudia Schiffer

CALVIN KLEIN "Marky Mark" with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss

REVLON "Charlie" with Cindy Crawford and Little Richard


BRUT "Aquatonic A" with Helena Christensen

GUY LAROCHE "Horizon" with Beri Smither

PAUL MITCHELL "Seasons" "Earth" with Eloise DeJoria

VITTEL Water "Living Sculpture" with Beri Smither

ACURA "NSX - Handmade" "Comfort" "Quality" "Premium"


REVLON FLEX "Lighten Up" with Claudia Schiffer

REVLON "Kiss Proof" with Cindy Crawford

REVLON "Defy It" with Melanie Griffith

DONNA KARAN "DKNY Men" with Peter Fortier

CHANEL "Allure" with Karen, Leticia, Linda, Irene, Jamie, Basia, Nadege, Emma

PAUL MITCHELL "Desert" with Eloise DeJoria

CARTIER "Pasha" with Lara Harris, Tatjana Patitz.


HAAGEN-DAZS "Shall We" with Tatjana Patitz

ELIZABETH ARDEN "Black Pearls" with Elizabeth Taylor

COVER GIRL "True Advance" with Helena Christensen


REVLON "Wonít Fade Away" with Cindy Crawford

VICTORIAíS SECRET with Helena Christensen, Dennis Rodman, Vendela, Katey Segal, Salt n Pepa, Naomi Campbell


VICTORIAíS SECRET with Helena Christensen

REVLON ULTIMA "Thatís The Ultimate" with Kim Delaney

VICTORIAíS SECRET "Angels" with Tyra Banks, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Helena Christensen, Daniela Pestova, Tom Jones

REVLON "Liquid Sexy" with Shania Twain


CHANEL "Allure" Kiara, Chandra North, Mackie, Beri Smither, Tara Westwood, Meilan, Elisabet Davidsdottir, Daniela Pestova, Shirley Mallman

ELIZABETH ARDEN "White Pearls" with Burt Reynolds

REVLON Ultima II "Beauty is as Beauty Does" "Wisdom" with Cybill Shepherd

REVLON "Wake-Up" with Halle Berry


MAYBELLINE "Triple Volume" with Christy Turlington

EAU DE ROCHAS "Man and Woman" Manon Von Gerkan

VIDEL SASSOON "Vidal" "Follower vs. Leader" "Standard Vs. State of the Arts" "Art vs. Science" with Vidal Sassoon

REVLON "Looks That Last" with Shania Twain, Cindy Crawford

MAYBELLINE "Mascara Love" with Sarah Michelle Gellar


ELIZABETH ARDEN "White Diamonds" with Elizabeth Taylor


ESTEE LAUDER "Advance Night Repair" with Carolyn Murphy

ELIZABETH TAYLOR "United for America" Public Service Announcement

REVLON "Choices" with Halle Berry

MAYBELLINE "Wet Shine Nails" with Sarah Michelle Gellar


VICTORIAíS SECRET "New Angels" with Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio

VICTORIAíS SECRET "Sexy Support" with Tyra Banks

ESTEE LAUDER "Beautiful" "Pleasures" "Intense" with Carolyn Murphy

ELIZABETH ARDEN / HOUSE OF TAYLOR "Cinema" with Elizabeth Taylor


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